2021 Hyphen Conference

Pastors and Ministers:

I am very excited to share registration information and details for our 2021 Hyphen Conference.

In a year where we feel so restrained by where we can go, what we have to wear, or how we can interact; we find an opportunity open to us for us to share the precious light of the Gospel in a new and unrestrained way. We hope that you will join us and encourage your young adults to do the same as we examine how we are called to live unrestrained in our worship, our beliefs, how we live out this Gospel, with the Love we share, and help see the unrestrained doors of opportunity that are being opened all around us.

Dr. Kristin Keller will be joining us and helping us see the unrestrained possibilities all around us to live out the Power of God’s Word each and every day!

This year’s conference will be held Friday evening, March 12th starting at 7PM, and Saturday, March 13th at Parkway Apostolic Church in Oak Creek, WI. The cost of registration is $30 for both days or $15 for one day, and you can find that registration on social media or by clicking the link below.

Registration Link

COVID: To ensure the safety of everyone attending, we are asking that everyone present wear a mask to comply with the Governor’s Mask Mandate. We will also ask that all hyphen groups sit together to help with social distancing. Also, if you are currently sick or feeling sick, we are asking that you stay home. We will gladly refund your registration.

Thank you,

Shane Maki,
Hyphen Ministries

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