Ladies Ministry’s HOPEcafé Will Launch on May 15th

Hello … and Happy Spring! … from Wisconsin Ladies Ministries!

This is the season for LADIES things — even during this current time of being “Safer at Home.” It’s SPRING! … and time for Mother’s Day … and Mothers Memorial … and Ladies Retreat. Yes, well, we had to cancel Ladies Retreat this year, but SPRING is not cancelled! AND … we have some very GOOD NEWS that we would love for you to share with the ladies in your church family!

COMING SOON! Wisconsin Ladies Ministries is launching — on MAY 15 — a beautiful new online gathering place for our ladies — called “HOPEcafé.” It will be a simple website, set up like a virtual café, with a fresh new look, where our ladies can “come in” … and:

  • Pick from our HOPEcafé menu — a wide array of fresh inspirational and educational sessions, just like at Ladies Retreat and ShareFair, except here presented online — just for OUR LADIES — on video! All of our main speakers will be “there!” And our ShareFair speakers, too! New “Specials” will be added daily! Ladies can watch as many sessions as they want, as often as they want! All the handouts will be available, too, in a handy, downloadable format.
  • Shop in our virtual HOPEcafé Sale Room! Many of our Ladies Retreat vendors will be there, and ladies can shop to their heart’s content by clicking on links to their sale sites.
  • Give to Mothers Memorial! Many of our ladies come to Ladies Retreat wanting to extend their reach by giving to Mothers Memorial – and we will provide links so that they can do just that at the HOPEcafé! We will provide ways for ladies to indicate their church and city so that every dollar given will be credited to their home church. Regular exciting updates of our 2020 Mothers Memorial drive will also be a daily feature on HOPEcafé!
  • Register for daily door prizes … and find other features to click on and enjoy! All from the comforts of home!

This “live” event will run from May 15 for about two weeks, and during that time the daily “Specials” will keep the menu fresh! After the two weeks’ run, HOPEcafé will remain online – the videos will stay – and ladies will be able to revisit any time they wish. The vendors’ links will remain on the site for 90 days, too. We will advertise this on our Facebook page and other social media sites, but the HOPEcafé will be accessible to anyone on the internet, even if they are not on Facebook.

And … here’s the best part … visiting and enjoying the sessions in the HOPEcafé will be FREE OF CHARGE! The ladies can visit HOPEcafé everyday for fresh inspiration! The sole purpose of WI LM’s HOPEcafé is purely for encouragement, enlightenment, and enjoyment by our wonderful ladies of Wisconsin … and beyond! Please tell your ladies to be watching for more information to come out soon. Encourage them to visit HOPEcafé … and feel free to post links to your own church website, too!

Please help us get the word out to those ladies that are not connected on social media! HOPEcafé is for ALL of our women!

If you have any questions about anything regarding WI Ladies Ministries, contact me or your Section’s LM Rep. God bless you all!

Barbara Hilderbrand
Wisconsin District Ladies Ministries UPCI
My cell: 715-225-3997
My LM email:

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