Update on District Campgrounds

Dear Wisconsin District Pastors, Ministers, and Saints,

Greetings in Jesus’ name!
By now you know that the district board had to make the unfortunate decision to cancel all our scheduled camps at the WI District Campground for 2020 due to the issues surrounding COVID-19. Many people across our district are now asking if they can use the campground for vacations, etc., despite the cancellations. We have been continuing to monitor the state and Shawano Co. mandates/recommendations in hopes of opening the campground to individuals, families, and church groups sometime soon.
As of today, this is where we stand:

1) The WI District Campground is NOT open for Memorial Day weekend. We are working with Shawano Co. Health Dept to find out if there any expectations for opening the campground. Also, our camp caretaker is currently making necessary repairs to the RV park and many of the campground facilities/buildings are yet to be fully operational.

2) We will send out information to the district when the campground is open. In addition to making sure we factor in the community’s mindset about reopening, we also may need to have some extra measures in place to ensure our camper’s safety. The district board will be monitoring what happens over the next few weeks to determine when, and under what conditions, the campground can be safely opened.

3) Once the campground is open, ALL reservations must be made through the district office. Because there are fees for using the campground, and to ensure, for liability sake, that we know who is on the campground, you will need to contact Sis. Herman before you arrive at the campground. The process is simple, and she will be able to answer any questions you have. The camp caretaker will be acting according to the district board’s instructions. He can provide information, but please take any concerns you have to the district office.

There are many opinions on how/when to reopen our communities, therefore we need to make sure that we reopen the campground in a way that takes safety, community perception, and a sound reopening policy into consideration. Please know that we are very excited to have people use the campground this year, but we ask for your understanding and patience.

If you have any questions, we ask that you please call the district office for the latest information. Thank you again for your understanding and hope to see you using the campground soon!

Edward W. Herman
WI District Secretary

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