2022 Family Camp CAMPER & STAFF Registration Opens May 1st!


2022 WI District Family Camp STAFF & CAMPER Registration opens May 1st. If you are an Access ACS Member, please log in and register there as a MEMBER. That is the best way to go. It should recognize you. (You MUST use your email listed in ACS to recognize you).

If you are NOT an ACS member, you can register as a Guest by doing one of the following:

  1. Clicking the Registration button below
  2. Logging onto upciwisconsin.church
  3. Scanning the WI District QR Code below

I recommend using Access ACS on your tablet or computer (and not Church Life phone app) for registering. Your phone is usually too small and it will cut off information.

Please feel free to print off copies of this information for the interested members of your church or direct them to upciwisconsin.church. We are hoping that it will be available there by May 5, 2022. You will be able to find ALL of the necessary information there.

Sis. Paula J. Herman
Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator
WI District UPCI
PO Box 670
Reedsburg, WI 53959
Office 608-495-6300
Mobile 608-495-0520
email widistrictsec2sec@gmail.com

Helpful Links:

STAFF Info Packet (PDF)

WI District UPCI Campground Map (PDF)

CAMPER Info Packet (PDF)

Family Camp Flyer (PDF)

Register Here for CAMPER if not an ACS Member

Register Here for STAFF if Not an ACS Member

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